VRT wagon scales

  • Commercial and technological weighing of railway trains.
  • Without interfering with the structure of the path and stopping traffic.
  • Installation in 1 day.
  • The resource is up to 20,000,000 wagons.
About technology
We make scales from your rails. No construction work, no cutting, drilling, or any other mechanical intervention.

A set of load cells is attached to the existing rails, measuring the deformation of the rail under the pressure of the wheels. Based on the measurements obtained, the program calculates the weight of the car and the symmetry of the load.

The sensors are mounted in the interstitial space without interfering with the structure of the track and stopping the movement. Weighing is carried out in motion at a speed of 1- 90km/h.

The VRT scales are the author 's development of engineers from RUSSIA, Rostov-on-Don.

Quick and easy
  • Installation and maintenance without stopping traffic.
  • The working section of the track is from 25 m.
  • Any track width and any type of rails.
  • Installation on an inclined path without loss of accuracy class.
  • Installation in a curve is acceptable.
  • Power wiring is not required. The scales are powered by a communication cable.
  • Transit speed is not limited.
  • It is possible to transfer the scales to another site in a short time.
  • The location of the control room at any distance from the scales.
The above are the principal possibilities. A number of factors influence the choice of the optimal installation location.
  • The absence of the foundation, mechanisms and joints of the rail eliminates the breakdowns associated with them.
  • The system is serviced, calibrated and configured via the Internet.
  • ART consists of two or more independent measuring lines with parallel communication channels. If one line fails, the rest will continue to work.
  • Service and installation work takes several hours and does not require a traffic stop.
  • The scales are absolutely safe for movement. Unnecessary risks and responsibilities of officials are removed.

  • There are no construction and design costs.
  • Minimum approvals during installation, because there is no interference in the path.
  • Installation and repair without downtime.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • Increase productivity and save maneuver costs by choosing a convenient weighing location.
  • Saving the working time of the operator and the driver.
  • Reducing the risk of unauthorized shipments and penalties for overloading.

Main functions
  • Round-the-clock automatic weighing of wagons passing through the scales without operator participation.
  • Registration of all necessary documents for the composition
  • Identification of the type of wagons, recognition of locomotives and empty wagons.
  • Identification of wagons with overload, imbalance on the sides and bogies.
  • Diagnostics of the technical condition of the rolling stock.
  • Photographing the numbers of the cars being weighed. Option.
  • Archiving of results and synchronization with the database in real time.

News company
Arguments in favor of VRT
4 hours
Time of installation of the cargo receiving device.
20 million
The average resource of the scales in the wagons.
Weighing mode without operator participation.
200+ systems
Installed systems
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